Breeding Stock

Over the past several years our herd has grown from 12 to 75 animals. Our first herd bull, properly named Samson, was bought from the Kentucky Bison Ranch.


Our current herd bull Moses.

Our buffalo have a medium frame and our bulls weigh around 2000 pounds when full grown.

Low Maintenance: Why Buffalo are better than Cattle or Horses

After having two large cattle ranches and boarding horses, I can objectively say that raising buffalo is much, much easier. In comparison, the buffalo are quite maintenance free. I give them organic granular wormer mixed with grain twice a year and a few bales of hay in the wintertime. They are completely natural, requiring no shots, hormones, antibiotics, etc. They do not bother the fences, which is one of my biggest concerns, because my ranch borders a 4-lane highway. Also they require less grass and hay than cows or horses.

When starting a new herd you should buy calves when they are one-year-old so they will bond to your land and you as their caregiver.  You should never try to buy adult animals and move them to a new location because they are very territorial and won't adapt well to being moved

We sell starter herds each spring when our calves are 9-10 months old.  Deposit must be paid in advance. 
Local delivery available.

Lots of new babies every spring!

Females have no problems calving each spring

Our bulls have a beautiful dark brown coat